Kwizie glossary

AI (short for Artificial Intelligence) – refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term may also be applied to any machine that exhibits traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

Britannica resources – trusted curriculum resources to meet the individual research and learning needs of students and educators across the spectrum of education.

Grade – Age groupings of students according the American system. Note that the students do not see grades in their view.

Multiple choice – the multiple choice question type allows the respondent to choose one or multiple options from a list of possible answers.

Nordic Learning Platform – is a complete hybrid learning solution for schools, teachers, and students. Please go to to find out more.

Open book – unlike traditional closed book tests where students are required to rely solely on their recall of test topics, open book tests allow students to consult reference materials (notes, textbook, etc.) in the course of completing the test.

Open education resources – are freely accessible, openly licensed instructional materials such as text, media, and other digital resources.

Pin code – an identifying six-digit number allocated for quiz participants to log in.

Quiz – quizzes can be used as a brief assessment in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, comprehension, abilities, or skills.

Resource Library Kwizie's resource library consists of a vast bank of highly curated resources for teachers to base quizzes on.

Stand-alone – a tool can be used independently of other tools. In this case, Kwizie can use used both with or without the Nordic Learning Platform.

Time limit – an amount of time in which a quiz must be completed.

True/false – ask questions that get quiz participants to choose the correct answer between two answer options, which are “true” or “false”.


Sign up & Sign in

I did not receive a magic link when I tried to sign in, what can I do?

Wait at-least 30 seconds for the email to be received. Make sure you check your junk/spam folder. If that does not work, please Contact us.

I'm having a specific problem related to my account, how can I get help?

You can get help by submitting a message through the form in the Contact us page.

Making Quizzes

The generated questions sometimes suggest wrong answers or has multiple correct answers – how can I fix that?

AI generation will always need checking from a human (it isn't flawless!). Please carefully review, edit, and select the correct answers to each question. As you review quizzes, edit any question and answer directly in each text box. The accuracy of Kwizie's question and answer generation is improving all the time as the platform gets more use!

How do I best import my own material?

For AI generated questions to work well from your own material, the content should be in English, be grammatically correct, and contain only factual information on a widely known topic (for example, an article you could find on Wikipedia). Also, be sure to remove any unnecessary text.

I want to ask my own questions, how can I do that?

The Ask AI function enables quiz masters to autogenerate answers to questions they give. For AI generated answers to work well, the question should be grammatically correct and be about factual information on a widely known topic.

I can't find the Youtube video I want, how can I find it?

Youtube has all sorts of content and we only enable well established and reputable educational channels to generate quizzes from. You can see the list of channels we have added through a dropdown when you have YouTube selected. More channels will come over time. If you have a channel suggestion, please Contact us!


How can I give feedback or give a suggestion?

We would really appreciate if you can fill out this 5 minute feedback form.

If you prefer, you can also submit a message in the Contact us page.

What are you planning next for Kwizie?

In the next months, we plan to:

And we have many more exciting plans for the development of Kwizie in the future!