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Rapidly assess learning from any kind of video content

Trusted by thousands of educators, learners, and content creators.

Data-driven Learning

Don't settle for guesswork. Make data-driven optimizations and refine your delivery strategy with our powerful analytics dashboard.

Cheaper. Easier. Faster.

Say goodbye to spending hours designing fun interactive activities for video content or $$$ on services and materials.
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Make Fun Quiz Games

Share a fun multiplayer quiz game for your friends, colleagues, or students.

Educational Excellence

We optimize our AI for educational excellence. To achieve this, Kwizie has developed novel algorithms that utilize a combination of the best AI models available today.
How it works

Do All This in minutes ➡

1. Create a fun quiz game

In just a few clicks from any video.

2. Share it with anyone

Via a QR code or unique link.

3. Get powerful insights from statistics

Make data-driven optimizations and refine your delivery strategy.

For Everyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Kwizie is designed to be used on-the-fly anywhere you are. Powerful for rapid iterative learning in minutes.
Kwizie works seamlessly across all major device types

Desktop & Tablet compatible

Kwizie works seamlessly across all major device types.
Kwizie is designed to work on-the-fly anywhere on mobile first– whether you are in the park, commuting, or in the middle of a lesson.

Mobile first design

Designed to work on-the-fly anywhere on mobile. For instance, whether you're at the park, commuting, or even in the middle of a lesson.
Unlock a fun way for your audience or community to interact and learn together


Unlock a fun way for your audience or community to interact and learn together.

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Use the best and most up-to-date video content from leading experts in any domain.

There are over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute!

Don't Take Our Word for It

Kwizie's impact has been evaluated by renowned experts in education from across the world.
It was very easy to create questions! My students enjoyed it, they said it was very simple to use and a great way to show what they know."
Maureen Lamb
Grade 9-12 Teacher, Westminster School, Connecticut (USA)
"Kwizie would be transformative. The available tools to evaluate learning are far too manual and time-consuming to manage."
Dr. Daniil Pokidko, PhD.
Lecturer & Associate Researcher, Hanken School of Economics (Finland)
Certainly we can use it. The students said it was really easy and friendly."
Debbie Van Dyk
Professional Teaching Fellow, University of Auckland (New Zealand)
“Kwizie saves a lot of time for sure! It all takes a matter of seconds."
Laszlo Matiscsak
Library Manager, Queen Elizabeth Hospital School (United Kingdom)
"This is the future of learning. Kwizie is a game changer as it transforms the traditional approach to college teaching and learning assessments.“
Dr. Yi-Hwa Liou
Professor of Education, National Taipei University of Education (Taiwan)
It is absolutely amazing! I can definitely see how educators can use this tool in the classroom as a way to check for video comprehension and also get students' feedback through the results dashboard. It is super easy and intuitive to use for both students and teachers."
Lily Lee
Educator and Influencer, TechUp Teachers Network (United Kingdom)
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European Edtech AllianceThe Edtech Awards Cool Tool 2023European Digital Education HubMicrosoft for Startups PartnershipASU + GSV SummitUniversity of Southern California

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