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Kwizie is the best tool to create gamified quiz tests from video with AI.

Issue certificates 📜 Award prizes 🎁
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Works in 95% of spoken languages with:
Upload your own video & audio files. Custom video hosting integrations for businesses & Institutions.
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How Kwizie works

A YouTube or Vimeo link. Upload audio/video files with our Pro plan.
Edit quiz conditions, the generated material and set a certificate and prize for passing.
Share a QR code or quiz link. Also export as a PDF, to major LMSs, excel/XML files.
Use data from participants to optimize engagement & refine your delivery strategy.

Recognize achievement & participation

👤 Anonymous & user verified Certificates
🎨 Brand it with your logo!
🎁 Set prizes For Passing
User verified certificates have a verifiable link to the certificate which is permanently accessible to the quiz master and the participants.
For our business and institution licenses, we can brand certificates with your logo. Contact us for a tailored quote based on your needs!
Set prizes for passing to help motivate the audience. Simply provide information about what the prize is and how they claim it once they pass.
Use cases

For teams & individuals who use videos at scale

Recognize skills and competence with Certificates of Achievement for micro learning.

"Not all job seekers start from the same line. This is why it's essential to provide flexible learning methods that consider these different needs and backgrounds... With Kwizie, even the most difficult and unfamiliar terms were understood. For example, the clients watched videos on the basic principles of signing an employment contract, workplace responsibilities, and obligations."

Titta Niemonen
Project Designer & Employment Coach at Helsinki City – Rehabilitative Work Activities Department
Employee Onboarding
Technical Training
IT Skills
Change Management
Health & Safety
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Make flipped learning far more effective for hybrid or completely online courses.

"As digital education continues to evolve, platforms like Kwizie will play a central role in shaping the future of learning, making it more dynamic, inclusive, and effective for everyone involved."

Sasa Tkalcan
Expert, Visual Design and Production at Global Campus – University of Helsinki
Flipped Learning
Higher Education
Online Schools
Hybrid Learning
Blended Learning
Personalized Learning
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An effective lead generation tool through awarding prizes. Boost engagement and conversions with data-driven video campaigns.

"The results are practically useful educational videos with quizzes (personnel documents, new employee materials, introduction of the service) for faster induction for employees and to support work with service recipients."

Triinu Sõelsep
Chief Specialist, Social Services and Allowances Unit, at City of Tallinn Welfare and Health Care Department
Marketing Campaigns
Lead Generation
Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Social Media Campaigns
Demand Generation

Easily create fun interactions and drive up engagement for all kinds of video content – even for music videos!

"I have to say this technology is outstanding! It’s one of the most impressive quiz-making tools that we’ve come across. It does it instantly. It does it in seconds. It even makes it a little gamified."

Russell Stannard
Award winning Educational Director & YouTuber at Teacher Training Videos
Audience Engagement
Music Videos
Influencer Growth
Thought Leaders
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Use videos up to 3hrs long

From long lectures on MOOCs to short tutorials captured ad-hoc on your smartphone, our novel AI is the best at adapting to any video format and context.

  • Multilingual in 59 languages: Create quizzes in the same or a different language from the original video
  • Gamified: Share quiz tournaments with anyone for friendly competition
  • Share via a QR code or link
  • Super easy to use on your mobile or any other device!

AI trained for educational quality

Kwizie has developed novel AI architecture designed to deliver the best educational quality generated from all kinds of video content.

  • Designed in Finland focused on uncompromising educational quality 🇫🇮
  • Key concepts, quick summaries, pinpoint learning with chapterization, and much more!
  • Data-driven engagement with our powerful analytics dashboard
  • We use a unique combination of the highest quality AI models available today

Hear it from the experts!

Russell Stannard (Teacher Training Videos)

Paul Dietrich

Laura Homs Vilà

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

"I have to say this technology is outstanding! It’s one of the most impressive quiz-making tools that we’ve come across. It does it instantly. It does it in seconds. It even makes it a little gamified."

"I love the idea of what this platform has to offer. I love the idea of being able to take a video from YouTube or your own computer uploading it and having a gamified assessment experience out of that. You know, it's great, I think it is amazing!"

"I was blown away by how fast it was possible to create such quizzes. It’s definitely a game-changer for teachers and learners alike, helping to clarify whether the video content was truly understood."

"An amazing tool that you can use with videos to create quiz games! Kwizie stands out for its speed, ease of use, and innovative approach to engaging learners with video content, bridging the gap between passive watching and active learning."

The ROI for you


Time savings

Reduce the time to create interactive materials from videos by up to 10x with Kwizie – transforming hours into minutes compared to traditional methods.


Engagement increase

Experience over a 100% increase in engagement by transforming content into an interactive format, compared to mere passive video consumption.

Don't take our word for it ⭐️

Kwizie's impact has been evaluated by renowned experts in education from across the world.


Effortlessly integrate Kwizie into your workflow

Use YouTube, Vimeo, and custom uploads. Export your quizzes to various formats and major LMSs for streamlined accessibility and use. Custom integrations are available for businesses and institutions.
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Tailored for your unique needs


Group Licensing Plans

Get discounted rates based on your specific requirements.

Integrate Your Custom Video Hosting Provider

Integrate with providers like Cloudflare,, or any others you may use.

Content - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

Extensive Integrations

With all LMSs (e.g. Moodle, GoogleClassroom, Canvas, Blackboard etc), messaging applications, and cloud storage systems.

Branded experience

Brand Kwizie with your own logo on all materials. Available exclusively for businesses and institutions (minimum conditions apply).

Start for free.

Say goodbye to unproductive video consumption and embrace the future of video engagement.
  • Boost video engagement with gamified quiz tests
  • Issue Certificates and Award prizes
  • Educational excellence made in Finland 🇫🇮
  • All kinds of video of any length
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