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How Kwizie works in 3 easy steps...

Step 1 >>


Generate a quiz in just a few clicks from a YouTube link, Wikipedia, or your own material.

Step 2 >


Set your quiz conditions and generate a unique pin for participants to join your quiz.

Step 3


Share a unique URL or quiz pin. You can analyse the results with a powerful analytics dashboard.

Powerful analytics

The analytics dashboard show powerful insights in learning. Easily see those who need more help on concepts covered in the quiz. Automatically understand the most difficult questions and create new quizzes based on these in a single click.

Take quizzes together or in your own time

Studying for exams is sometimes much more fun with others. Easily invite others to your quizzes with a unique quiz code – no account sign up needed! In Kwizie, you can easily take quizzes in two modes: together synchronously (like Kahoot) or individual asynchronously (like Quizlet).

Open or closed-book exam study

Open-book allow participants to preview material the quiz is based on, which is good for testing comprehension. Closed-book tests your knowledge without access to the quiz material to reveal where learning gaps are. Both quiz modes can be used as part of formative assessment during a course of work.

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What makes Kwizie so effective?


Kwizie's AI is designed to learn from a diversity of human interaction.



Studies have shown time and time again that learning can be much more engaging and effective when interaction with others is enabled.


Student driven assessment

Kwizie is founded in Finland where there is a firm value placed on student-centred learning.



Learners interact with the content they are trying to understand to make it stick. Receiving timely feedback also optimises learning further.


Major advantages

Old apps

Manual quiz making can TAKE HOURS

Quiz making IN SECONDS with AI

Videos are not integrated into the platform‍

The ONLY PLATFORM where you can create quizzes automatically from Youtube videos

Not possible to chose between open and closed-book study

Easily set quiz conditions to quiz with or without access to study material

Only one way to take quizzes (either synchronous or asynchronous)

Learn both individually or together socially (like Kahoot synchronous or asynchronous like Quizlet)

Sharing and remixing quizzes is not possible

Reuse, remix, and share quizzes easily

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Yes, it is absolutely free 🤍

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