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Key facts

  • Founded in 2023 in Helsinki, Finland and focused on educational excellence
  • Used in over 130 countries
  • Finalist in 4 international Edtech awards
  • Selected for Slush 100 in 2023 from 1118 startups applying worldwide!

Why we created Kwizie

  • Only a decade ago, video became 30% of internet traffic – now it is over 82% and still growing!
  • People now spend 3 billion hours daily on TikTok, 1 billion hours on YouTube, 200 million hours on Netflix, and Gen Z audiences consume an average of 7.2 hours of video per day [2]
  • 500 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every single minute [1]
  • Since the onset of COVID-19, video has become the No. 1 way people learn about new knowledge and skills [3].

Today, people prefer watching and listening to content.

Moreover, the demand for flexible learning options has skyrocketed as traditional qualifications increasingly face scrutiny for their perceived return of investment [2].

YouTube is the No 1 learning resource for young people today, yet active learning from video content is still a very manual, slow and difficult process for educators and learners [3, 5].

At Kwizie, we recognize that content creators and online tutors constantly struggle to engage their audiences due to the passive and linear nature of the video media format [4, 6]. This is particularly problematic in flipped learning models adopted by many educational institutions today: learners fail to fully engage in the knowledge and skills presented in assigned videos by tutors, resulting in completely unproductive face-to-face workshops [5].

Our mission at Kwizie is to be the best tool at awarding and boosting video engagement for online learning with video.

Kwizie achieves this mission by creating gamified quiz tests based on any video with AI in minutes. We envision a world where learners are highly motivated, actively involved, and awarded for their engagement of video content.

Kwizie was founded on the belief that active engagement is the key to transforming passive content into meaningful experiences.

"What drives us is our deep passion for unleashing curiosity in everyone through fun, active, and social engagement from any kind of content with AI." - Chris Petrie CEO, Co-Founder

What We Believe:

Engagement is the First Step to Learning & Understanding

We fundamentally believe that engagement is the first step before learning and understanding of an kind of content can occur, which in turn drives meaningful change.

Our Approach to AI:

We view the recent advances in AI as a significant leap forward in digital technologies, akin to Steve Jobs' analogy of the computer as a "bicycle for the mind." At Kwizie, we see AI as an extremely useful assistant that greatly enhances our productivity. However, we firmly believe that AI should complement, not replace, human experts. Thus, it is crucial that AI-generated content is always checked and verified by humans that are competent in the target domain(s).

Unlock the full potential of video! Join us at Kwizie as we transform the way people engage with video content.


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