Kwizie's beta version has officially landed! 🚀

Big Announcement: Kwizie's beta version has officially landed 🚀

Dive right in and experience it firsthand by clicking here.

Here's a glimpse of the transformative updates we've integrated in the last months:

🎥 Go beyond YouTube and upload your own videos directly

🖌️ Refreshed UI/UX with a mobile first design

🎮 Enhanced gamification features

... and so much more!

But wait, there's more on the horizon!

🔍 In the upcoming weeks, we're amplifying our AI capabilities, especially for extended videos ranging from 20 minutes to a whopping 3 hours. Visualize dissecting any 2-hour lecture or podcast and instantly identifying the segments that you want to focus on!

🔥 Limited Time Offer:

Secure an early adopter lifetime 50% discount now! Once we roll out the extended video feature very soon, we will be transitioning to our standard pricing.

🌍 Our Vision:

At Kwizie, our aspiration is to redefine the way you engage with videos. We're on a mission to transform passive video consumption into an immersive, interactive learning journey powered by AI. With Kwizie, make every video you watch count, making it 100x more engaging and meaningful.

✨ Kwizie: Revolutionizing Video-Based Learning ✨

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