Change log

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20th June Update

  • Added beta version of the ability to upload presentation and text documents. Known issues include: inability to upload on mobile, google docs and slide files need enabling
  • Added beta feature to record audio and video files directly on Kwizie. Only available on desktop for this release; next release will include mobile.

10th of June Update

  • New feature of issuing certificates and awarding prizes to any quiz created to boost engagement and motivation.
  • Setup certificates and prizes to be "User verified" only – this means participants must enter their name and email to 'unlock' them, providing you with valuable future leads.
  • Quiz participants can now reattempt quizzes if they do not pass a grade set by the quiz master.

22nd May Update

  • Support for video links from Vimeo added

7th May Update

  • Added 39 more languages that users can generate quizzes in
  • Increased business/institution support: branding with custom logo
  • Coming in our next update: We will enable integration with other video hosting providers (E.g. Vimeo, Cloudflare, etc)
  • Updated and improved AI infrastructure

18th April Update

  • Sign in and sign up with your Microsoft account
  • Export your generated quiz content and metadata to all major Learning Management Systems (LMSs)
  • Businesses and Institutions licenses can now brand content with their own logo (* conditions apply).

28th March Update

  • Added exporting features of generated content to PDF, webpage, excel, and XML. This allows users to easily use and share the generated content in flexible ways.

6th March Update

  • Updated subscription plans to be much more attractive: We introduced Individual and Pro plans.
  • Customization to quiz conditions: users can now adjust the amount of time given per question, turn on and off gamification elements, and more for their participants.
  • You can generate quizzes in 20 languages (an additional 7 from the last update). The platform is also translated into 14 languages (an additional 6 from the last update).
  • Users can now use video and audio files in their GoogleDrive.
Change log started March 2024.