Kwizie's API

Unlock the Full Value of Every Video!

Businesses and institutions create many videos that receive disappointing engagement and low view counts. These videos are often buried in disorganized cloud drives and content libraries with poor searching ability and no interactivity. 

Kwizie’ customizable API automatically makes all your videos multilingual, organized, skimmable, interactive, searchable, and easily shareable. Easily integrate our API into your workflow.

For each video, our API can automatically provide:


Searchable & Indexable Videos Across Video Segments:
Elevate your video's discoverability with meaningful titles and chapter timestamps.
Make it easy for users to find and navigate to the information they need without having to manually scrub through individual videos.
AI assisted search:
Chat to a video, a subset of videos, or selected chapters across videos.
No more tedious scrubbing through the timeline— viewers can focus on exactly what they need quickly and effortlessly.
Auto-generate Companion Guides:
Each video segment comes with its own title, key concepts, and a concise summary, along with direct links for easy navigation.
Make videos readable, skimmable, and searchable and boost engagement and retention.
Customized Interactivity:
Create interactive quizzes and reflection questions based on your video content. adds a layer of interactivity that transforms passive viewing into an active learning experience.
Multilingual Subtitles:
Break language barriers by automatically generating accurate subtitles in up to 90 languages.
Enhances accessibility by making your content accessible to a global audience.
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