7 mind-blowing Facts why YouTube is the #1 learning platform today 🤯

In today's digital age, education has transcended traditional classroom boundaries, and platforms like YouTube have emerged as powerful avenues for learning [1, 2, 3]. YouTube was founded in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, which revolutionized online video sharing. The first video ever uploaded to the platform, titled "Me at the zoo," marked the beginning of YouTube's journey as a global phenomenon. It is an understatement to say that YouTube has come a very long way since. With its vast reach and diverse content, YouTube is now the #1 learning platform today [1, 2]. Drawn from reputable research reports linked at the end of this article, here are 7 mind-blowing reasons why:

Watching YouTube on mobile
YouTube is the No 1 learning resource for young people today [1, 2], yet active learning from video content is still a very manual, slow and difficult process.

1. Over 500 Hours Uploaded Every Minute!

From DIY tutorials to in-depth lectures, this non-stop influx of information ensures that the latest knowledge and skills become available to learn.

2. No. 1 Most Used Social Media App Worldwide

Surpassing social media giants like TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, YouTube has emerged as the dominant platform for information and engagement.

3. The Best Gateway to Leading Expertise on Anything

Whether you're looking to learn coding, or understand complex scientific concepts, YouTube offers an extensive range of educational content from the leading experts in every field.

4. Daily Habit for US Teenagers

77% of US teenagers visiting YouTube daily making the platform becoming an integral part of their learning journey. Its accessibility and vast library of content make it the go-to source.

5. Second Most Viewed Website Globally

Ranked as the second most viewed website globally, YouTube offers a universe of content and learning opportunities. From academic lectures to insightful documentaries.

6. One Day Per Month Average Watch Time Per User Worldwide

The astounding statistic of an average one day per month watch time per individual worldwide underscores how widespread the use of YouTube is. This tremendous engagement showcases the platform's impact on our daily lives.

7. Potential Reach of 2.56 Billion People

With a potential reach of 2.56 billion people, YouTube provides an unmatched audience for content creators, learners, and educators. Its global presence connects individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.


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