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Select Your Tutorial

Sign up & sign in


  1. Go to
  2. Click "One Click Sign up"
  3. Enter email address and click "Sign up"


  1. Go to and click Sign in
  2. Enter email address and click "Sign in"
  3. Check email and click the magic link you received from Kwizie (remember to check your junk/spam folder)
Making quizzes


  1. Click "+ New quiz"
  2. Select a resource to quiz on and click "Confirm"
  3. Select the topics from resource to auto-generate questions from
  4. Review and edit the questions/answers as needed
  5. Click either "Save draft" or "Activate"


  1. Click "+ New quiz" and select "Own material"
  2. Enter your 'Topic header' and 'Topic text*'
  3. Toggle whether you want an autogenerated question for the topic
  4. Add more topics as needed
  5. Click "Confirm"

*For AI generated questions to work well, the text should be grammatically correct and contain factual information on a widely known topic. Also, be sure to remove any unnecessary text.


  1. As you review, edit any question and answer directly in each text box
  2. Add additional questions by clicking "+ Add"
  3. You can delete any question and answer by clicking the trash can icon
  4. To increase the difficulty of a question, select multiple correct answers and/or add up to six answers for each question


  1. Click "+ Add" and select "Ask AI"
  2. Enter a question* into the question text box
  3. Click "Ask AI for answers"

Ask AI enables quiz masters to autogenerate answers to questions they give.

*For AI generated answers to work well, the question should be grammatically correct and be about factual information on a widely known topic.


When editing questions in a quiz, click "Image upload" and upload the image you want to appear for each question



  1. On the "Drafts" tab, click "Activate" on any quiz
  2. Select quiz mode and customise quiz conditions
  3. Click "Go Live"


After clicking "Activate" you can set these quiz conditions:

  1. Preview material - option to allow or not allow participants to preview material before starting a quiz
  2. Allow quiz retake – option to allow or not allow participants to retake the quiz after they finish (only available on Individual Mode)
  3. Limit quiz time – option to limit the time participants are given per question


After clicking "Activate" on the "Drafts" tab, select "Together" Mode

Together Mode allows a group a people to take each question in a quiz at the same time (like Kahoot)


1. After clicking "Activate" on the "Drafts" tab, select "Individual" Mode.

2. When you want to stop participants from taking the quiz, go to the "Live" tab and click "Finish"

Individual Mode allows each participant to take a quiz in their own time.

Taking a quizQuiz management


Each activated quiz has a unique quiz code.

When the quiz master clicks "Go Live" they are redirected to a new tab where they can copy a URL with the embedded quiz code or copy a message they can easily send to participants with that URL inside.

If participants to not have access to this URL or message, they can manually join quizzes:

1. Go to and click Join quiz.

2. Enter the quiz code manually


When quiz participants finish a quiz, they see a summary of their results.

Quiz participants can reflect on the quiz questions and their answers by rating and reviewing them.


1. In the "Drafts" or "Live" tab, click "..." in the top right of each quiz card.

2. Click either "Delete" or "Duplicate".


There are three tabs:

Drafts – is where you work on quizzes till they are ready to be taken

Live – are quizzes where participants can take a quiz

Finished – are quizzes that have finished. Individual Mode needs the quiz master to click "Finish" to stop participants from taking a quiz. You can "Go Live" again with quizzes by clicking "..."


On the "Live" or "Finished" tab, click "Results".

Quiz participants get to see their individual results when they complete all questions.

When using "Together" mode, quiz masters can share their screen to show a podium of the top three scores and reflect the most difficult question.


On any AI generated question, quiz masters can rate the question below each question text box. This helps to improve the AI with each rating made.